We feel a great sense of satisfaction when we’ve helped a veteran receive their well-deserved benefits. Please read what our clients have to say about how we changed their lives:

Before going to SSA I would receive documents from the VA claiming I did not show up to appointments that I was never made aware of or even knew existed. This would happen so often I became accustomed to mistakes made on my claim, which only increased the day to day anxiety. Once signing on as a client with SSA Corp, my entire experience with the VA changed. I began to receive proper correspondences, making the process entirely smoother. Before seeking help through SSA Corp I was unable to sleep, the worry that my claim was never going to end kept me up most nights. Social Service Advocates not only gave me back my sleep but my happiness as well.


SSA Corp understood me and really got to the bottom of the situation with my claim. Not only were they able to take my case but they executed it beyond what I would have ever expected. They got me the compensation I deserved and had been fighting so long for. I constantly refer veterans to SSA Corp because I know they genuinely care about us. While I was a client with Social Service Advocates they never ceased to keep me updated and effectively communicate what steps I needed to take for my claim to move forward. I have a lot of respect for SSA Corp and its staff. I went through hell while I was in the service, and this team helped me finally be recognized for serving this country. Truly the most professional corporation I have had the pleasure of working with.


I don't even know where to begin...if it was not for SSA Corp I would truly be lost in the system. Social Service Advocates really stepped in and took charge of my claim, doing an exceptional job. I never had issues with communication, there was always someone available to clarify any confusion on documentation, answer any question I had about the claims process, and really comforted me if I was having a bad day and felt as though the claim process would never end.

For the first time since trying to get service connected through the VA I felt reassured. I finally felt that I was not alone, I had a great organization in my corner not only fighting for me but for my family as well. Social Service Advocates absolutely changed my life, they removed the immense amount of stress I had felt for so long. Anytime I talk to a fellow Veteran I urge them to contact Social Service Advocates and promise them that they won’t regret it.


I first heard about SSA Corp when I worked at the VA Medical Center and I overheard my colleagues raving about the services the organization provided. Once visiting SSA Corp and explaining my situation they went straight to work on my claim. SSA Corp took care of properly filing all of the necessary paperwork, evidence, appeals, and I mean everything on my behalf.

The amount of dedication they put in really took the stress and anxiety not only off of me but my family as well. I felt very much at ease knowing I had representation that cared and understood me. I would say to other Veterans to be patient, the process is long but it is so much easier with SSA Corp. If it wasn't for Social Service Advocates I would still to this day be fighting for my service connection benefits. I recommend SSA Corp to any vet I come across and I always will, without a doubt.


Before joining SSA Corp I would go to the VA and obtain their free help services for the claim process. I would go to appointments that were nowhere near as efficient as I expected it to be. When trying to obtain the VA free services, the line started forming at 5 am, those that showed up at 6 were not able to receive help or even speak to a representative about the process. They never had the correct information nor were they timely about anything.

When joining SSA Corp I was completely filled in about the entire process, received prompt phone calls, and knew exactly where I stood with my claim. When I made the first call to Social Service Advocates I had an appointment within a few days. The attention and care that I received were unimaginable, I had never felt as if I my claim was given priority until I started working with SSA Corp.


I was very mentally ill when I was discharged. When the military handed me my file I was instructed to go to VA and try to receive my benefits. I did as I was instructed and nothing came of it. I felt completely lost before coming to SSA Corp. I didn't know what I was entitled to, I didn't know what or how I was going to get it, I had absolutely no clue of how the process worked or where to even begin.

When I came into the office of SSA Corp the staff made me feel comfortable and helped me understand the jargon the VA would send to me. I cannot mentally take the VA, they do not know how to work with or understand me. The attorney got the job done, there is no way I would be where I am today if it were not for this organization.


I am truly thankful to all the SSA Corp staff who tirelessly worked on my VA claim for 4 years. Although it sounds like a long process, it is very common, and it was all worth it! I sought their services when I had a 30% rating and tons of denials and end up with 100% with backpay! I am glad I never gave up-almost did, and you shouldn't either, this staff is hardworking, caring, persistent and very knowledgeable.


I want to share this testimonial with my brothers and sisters who so proudly served this great country of ours. My name is Barry and like so many of us I have struggled with the VA and the red tape that we are put through every day. This was my individual struggle and I want to share what the outstanding law firm that is SSA Corp and what they did for me. I filed my original claim in January of 2015, I was awarded 60% in November of 2015. However, I was unaware until I accidentally found out that I was awarded this in may of 2016. I called the VA and asked why I did not receive the award letter in 2015 and I was told that "we just send that yesterday" ... more red tape. I was stuck in appeals after that. In August of 2018 I was referred to SSA Corp by a friend who got his full disability - they took my case once they were able to review my records in their entirety. Their staff was always there for my questions and made me feel at ease. I cannot stress enough that the entire staff genuinely care about the veterans and are here for us. As I sit here today I have my 100 percent disability because of SSA Corp with Oliver, Jason, and the always helpful and sweet Lensy. To all of my Veteran Brothers and Sisters please contact SSA Corp and let them do for you what they did for me.


SSA Corp was fantastic and I would refer them to any veteran suffering from any disabilities. I was going through a very tough time and I felt that I was receiving the around with the VA. This organization made it 100x easier to process my claim and made sure to clarify every stage of the process. Being 100% service connected has completely changed my life and allowed me to really get back on my feet.


I served in the US Army from 76-79 and US Marines from 84-91; a Desert Storm Marine. After many years of physical and mental suffering on my own and dealing with the Veteran’s Administration, I was referred to SSA Corp to help me fight for my benefits. From the moment I met them, I knew they were sincere and that they cared. The young Army Veteran that referred me to SSA was awarded 100% so I decided to give them a try, and thank God I did. Understand that everyone’s process is going to be different, be patient because believe me when I tell you, if you think the process is long, try doing it on your own. Not only is it going to take longer but after a lengthy wait, you come up with nothing but frustration and anger. Without Social Services Advocate, I would have been lost in pile of confusing terminology, paperwork and frustration. The process of trying to claim the benefits that you’ve rightfully have earned is a maze and I was at the point of doing something drastic. I am sure I would have ended up on drugs, homeless or in jail without the help of Oliver, Jason, Lensy, and the rest of their staff.My family thanks you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my life and helping me attain a better one. I am forever indebted to you all for looking out for me and every Veteran that walks through your door.