Veterans Compensation Benefits

Whether you’re seeking to file a new claim, or you were previously denied for benefits and want to appeal your case, we have the tools, expertise, and resources to help you achieve your goals. This involves learning about your life and injuries regardless of whether you directly experienced combat.

Your VA disability compensation will be rated from 0-100% — the higher the number, the higher benefit you’ll receive. The goal is to provide you with the financial compensation necessary to maintain your lifestyle and take care of essential costs.

We’ve worked with male and female Veterans of all ages and branches, who have served our nation since World War II. So if you think you qualify for Veterans Benefits, please fill out a FREE Assessment to be connected with one of our VA Accredited Attorneys and Representatives.

How it Works

The process of VA claims is a long and challenging road and its success depends on many factors including the complexity of the case, the nature of discharge, the medical evidence, and the previous claims and appeals.

However, while this may seem daunting, we are here to make this process more manageable, efficient, and ultimately successful for you.

Typically the claims process is as follows:


Initial Assessment

The Veteran fills out an intake form and speaks to a SSA corp representative about their claim. Based upon the initial FREE Assessment form, SSA Corp will request military records (C-File) and submit Intent to File.


Formulate Strategy

When C-File arrives (4-6 months), the Veteran and a VA Accredited Attorney/Representative will formulate a claim strategy. An agreement will then be signed for SSA Corp to officially represent the Veteran with the VA.


File Initial Claim

SSA Corp files the initial claim on behalf of the Veteran. While the VA is processing the initial claim, the client MUST begin/continue treatment for physical and mental conditions the Veteran is facing.


Appeal Decision

If the Veteran is denied in part or in whole, SSA Corp will appeal the decision with the VA.



SSA Corp will continue working with the Veteran to develop the claim with further medical evidence and legal documentation to ensure the appeal is as strong as possible.


Court Representation

Once the VA has processed the appeal and a hearing date is scheduled, the Veteran will be represented before the VA Judge by a specially assigned VA Accredited Attorney/Representative.


Post-Court Development & Award

SSA Corp will keep pursuing the claim until best decision is achieved. The Veteran will receive a final award letter with the total award granted including back pay.


Award Follow-Up

SSA Corp will work to ensure Veteran retains on-going benefits by maintaining and monitoring the disability rating as long as they are facing mental/physical challenges.