Our Story

Social Service Advocates Corp started with the critical mission of giving hope and fighting hard for those that have served our nation. Far too often we witnessed and heard the stories of veterans who tried to file for benefits but were denied, told they didn't qualify, were misrepresented, or simply could not navigate the VA system and gave up hope.

We certainly recognize the vital role our team of dedicated VA Accredited Lawyers and Representatives play in the wellbeing of veterans and their families. That’s why we are especially proud of our 98% success rate and you can count on us to successfully fight for your benefits.


Our Philosophy

Guided by Nobility, Driven by Humanity

SSA Corp adheres to a high set of ethical standards by bringing social responsibility back to the practice of law. Our clients are considered an extension of our own families. Each claim is treated with diligence and care and our core values revolve around the success of the veteran’s claim and the wellbeing of the veteran.

We get to know our clients and personally empathize with their physical pain and mental trauma. This makes us a team of dedicated advocates who are equally invested in future of veteran. We are truly committed to building the next generation of representation based on the nobility of action and the humanity of service.

Our Team

Our team of VA Accredited Attorneys & Representatives have worked with Veterans of all branches and have family who have proudly served our nation

Founder & VA Accredited Attorney

Oliver Jahizi, Esq.

Claim Development Manager

Jason Miller

Administrative Specialist

Ayanna McDowell

COO & VA Accredited Attorney

Hamada Zahawi, Esq.


Mike Jahizi

Claim Development Specialist

En'Drea Muraille

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Kimberly Brewton