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    I have been trying to get my benefits from the Social Security Administration for a number of years now. The constant denials had driven me to the point of giving up. I was homeless and living on the streets when I first met Mr. Jahizi. Since then my entire life has changed and he said it would! My Social Security benefits in addition to my Veterans Benefits have finally been granted to me, thanks to my attorney and his great crew. I am no longer on the streets, my life is looking up; thanks Social Service Advocates.

    Mr. Clifford Johnson, Hollywood, CA

    I was about to lose my house and everything I have worked my entire life for. My illnesses do not allow me obtain a job, Social Service Advocates make miracles happen. Thank you guys for everything you have done, now I am able to focus on my disabilities and future.

    Mrs. Jillian Fahrnkopf, Gardena, CA

    I am a veteran, and it has been a battle and a struggle for me to get my compensation. Different kinds of organizations tried to help me but it wasn't until I discovered a young attorney with high knowledge and wisdom who was able to complete this long overdue task for me. Mr. Jahizi and his crew are intellectual and hard working group that truly want the best for their clients. At the hearing, Mr. Jahizi refused to take NO for an answer, he is truly a fighter. My entire success is owed to Social Service Advocates.

    Mr. Daniel Jenkins, Los Angeles, CA

    Social Service Advocates is an excellent crew, they know exactly what they are doing, and are not afraid to aim for the best! Mr. Jahizi got me approved for both by Social Security and Veterans benefits. My life has changed significantly because of all the excellent work completed by this agency. Thank you again.

    Mrs. Benita Terrell, Los Angeles, CA

    I was introduced to the amazing Social Service Advocates from another individual who was shocked by the work this team has done. This team respects their clients, who are known for getting the best results. The outcome of my case was highly appreciated, thank you Social Service Advocates.

    Mr. Harold Hicks, Los Angeles, CA

    I have been fighting the V.A. and Social Security for so long. I found out about SSACORP through the internet and was surprised to see they actually exist. Mr. Jahizi and his staff were so kind and gentle through the process. My illnesses felt like they were becoming too overwhelming and SSACORP understood this. I was approved my Social Security and Veterans Benefits thanks to them. They come highly recommended. Thank you Social Service Advocates!

    Jenny Menendez, Los Angeles, CA

    Social Service Advocates has done a fantastic job on my Social Security Claim. They have a great team system in the office, and Mr. Jahizi is a one of a kind attorney. Thank you Social Service Advocates for everything.

    Ms. April Culver, Los Angeles, CA

    I applied for Social Security Benefits and was rejected by the Social Security Administration. I contacted Social Service Advocates and they completed the necessary foot work for me. I received a Favorable Decision at my Appeals Hearing.

    Mr. Brian Kelly, Los Angeles, CA

    I, Robert Howard came to Social Service Advocates for help with my SSI Benefits. I received my SSI and now have housing though my Veteran benefits; I've came a long way. I am giving my thanks to Social Service Advocates for the help that they have given to me and others.

    Mr. Robert Howard, Los Angeles, CA

    Social Service Advocates came through for me like a charm even though it was my first time applying!. No one comes out on top at the first try, but Mr. Jahizi was Jamming!!!

    Mr. Charles Rance, Los Angeles, CA

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