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    Social Security Disability Income Benefits (SSDI / Title II)

    SSDI Benefits are Benefits that are based on your work history in the United States. Every year that you work and pay your taxes, you pay into the Social Security System. This system is designed to INSURE the worker/taxpayer in case they are no longer able to work due to Disability. Your monthly benefit amount is based on the amount and duration for which you've paid into the system. We have been successful in determining eligibility and approving Veterans for SSDI even after the Veteran was told they were ineligible.

    Supplemental Security Income ( SSI / Title XVI )

    SSI Benefits are on a "need based" scale very similar to Veterans Pension Benefits. In order to be eligible for SSI Benefits you must:

    • Be a citizen or national of the United States or a non-citizen who meets the alien eligibility criteria.
    • You must be considered disabled or over the age of 65,
    • Your income and assets must fall below the poverty threshold determined by Congress.


    I was introduced to the amazing Social Service Advocates from another individual who was shocked by the work this team has done. This team respects their clients, who are known for getting the best results. The outcome of my case was highly appreciated, thank you Social Service Advocates.

    Mr. Harold Hicks, Los Angeles, CA    SS

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